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Islamic Investment options

Meeting our Muslim clients needs

Shariah compliant funds are investment vehicles that are fully compliant with the principles of Islam and provide a means of investing while still honoring the high morals and principles of Islam. Shariah compliant funds promote large-scale investments along lines similar to the niche ethical funds available to Western consumers.

  • Prohibited Investments

    The funds are prohibited from making investments in industries categorized as morally deficient, such as those related to alcohol, tobacco, pork, the adult entertainment industry, gambling, weapons, or conventional banks and insurance companies

  • Financial Instruments

    A Shariah fund may not invest in any interest-bearing instruments, conventional derivatives and may not sell short. With the concept of debt also contrary to the principles of Islam, investment in highly leveraged companies is also not permitted. The exclusions extend to potential investments in other funds which offer guaranteed returns. Any use of futures and options, either by the fund managers or by companies in which the funds invest, is also likely to attract close scrutiny by the funds’ supervisory Shariah boards.

  • Availability

    Due to the rapid growth in Islamic finance over recent years, the available range of Shariah compliant funds has expanded as financial services providers seek to tap into the increasing demand for investment products that respect the principles of Islam.

Frequently asked questions

Yes - Kastle Offshore has a wide range of Shariah compliant funds available to its clients via top financial institutions.

Potentially; as there is less choice of businesses for the fund managers to invest in; but there are still plenty of good companies in which they are permitted to invest. Also, the restrictions on derivatives and interest-bearing instruments may cause greater volatility. However, our experience is that some clients are willing to accept those limitations on account of their Faith.

Shariah-Compliant Funds must follow a variety of rules, including investing only in Shariah-compliant companies, appointing a Shariah board whom carry out an annual Shariah audit and ensure certain prohibited types of income, such as interest are donated to charity.

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