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The traditional Investment service

Protect and grow your nest egg

Lump sum investments can be particularly suitable for people with very variable incomes who cannot commit to a regular savings plan. Similarly, ‘windfall’ events such as the sale of a property or business, an inheritance or a large bonus from employment can lead to excess liquid capital that could be invested wisely. The same principles apply when transferring a frozen UK pension into a QROPS.

  • Full Market Access

    We provide our clients with access to lump sum investment products that can provide access to the entire financial market. We can do this because we are completely independent of any other financial institution.

  • Tailored to Individual Client Needs

    Our advisors can discuss your objectives and design a suitable investment plan tailored to your requirements. The choice of underlying assets would reflect your attitude to risk, objectives and time horizons. The portfolio may be designed with capital growth in mind, purely as an income portfolio or a blend of both with the strategy being determined through assessment of your goals.

  • Investment Reviews

    All of the investment plans we advise on enable online access to review their performance on a 24/7 basis. You can keep up to date on your investments any time and from anywhere in the world. We do, of course, also provide regular updates as required; and clients are free to contact us whenever they wish to.

Frequently asked questions

The choice is almost limitless subject to your needs and preferences. We would always recommend a spread of investments in terms of geographic and business sectors. These could include emerging markets, property, commodities and direct equity investments. Shariah Compliant funds and so-called Ethical funds are also available.

We only use the highest rated and regulated, Crown Dependencies to hold all investments for clients. We do not hold client funds or investments ourselves. All investments from clients are paid directly to the relevant Investment Institution.

Through our regular review service, and the inherent flexibility of the available products, we are able to ensure that your plan remains consistent with your changing circumstances.

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Trusted by expatriates and internationals around the world:

  • "I gladly signed up..."
    Business Manager, Qatar

    I was introduced to Kastle Offshore from a friend who had been assisted by Martin in their financial planning. After receiving my financial plan, investment proposal and advice from Martin, I was more than confident in the service and advice provided, I gladly signed up for the investment with Martin and Kastle Offshore. Since making my investment, Martin has followed through on his promise, and has kept me regularly updated on my portfolio and the underlying investments. I am very happy with Martin's professional work ethic and I have no problem in recommending him to anyone who wishes to pursue bespoke financial & investment planning.

  • "trust worthy..."
    Geophysicist, Libya

    Kastle Offshore assisted me with my financial plan whilst I was working at Schlumberger in Libya. Martin is a professional and trust worthy financial advisor who provides me regular financial reviews on my investments. I am very happy with Martin’s service and continuing support of Kastle Offshore. I am more than happy to recommend Martin to any friends and professional colleagues.

  • "excellent results..."
    Drilling Superintendent , Libya

    I first met Martin in Tripoli, Libya where he assisted me with my financial planning which has since provided excellent results. Martin is a professional financial advisor who provides regular financial reviews on my portfolio, and always makes himself available to answer any questions I may have. I look forward to continuing my working relationship with Martin and I am happy to recommend him to any professional colleagues.