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Protecting yourself and your family

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst

Kastle Offshore understands the importance of ensuring financial security for you and your family in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Illness, job loss and especially death of the main wage earner can plunge a family into financial turmoil.

  • Peace of Mind

    By taking a little time to assess your risks and setting up a cost-effective protection plan, you could safeguard your family and their future in the event of unforeseen circumstances, allowing you to have ‘Peace of Mind’.

  • Types of Insurance & protection

    The insurance and protection services we recommend and offer are: Life Cover, Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection, Mortgage Protection and Health Insurance.

  • Optional Add-ons

    There are a number of optional extras that can be included in your cover, including Global Personal Accident Add-on, Global Travel Add-on, Dental Plus and Medevac Plus for that additional peace of mind.

Frequently asked questions

You must be under age 69 when you apply for a global life insurance plan, and under age 55 when you apply for an income protection plan. You can renew your global life insurance plan up to age 70. Your income protection plan will cease on your 65th birthday.

We will advise whether you need to undergo a medical examination and/or additional tests upon receipt of your application form. If you do need a medical, you can have this done locally with any doctor who holds recognised qualifications and can complete the report in English.

You may apply for life cover of up to 20 times your current annual salary. The maximum amount you can insure is $1,500,000.

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Trusted by expatriates and internationals around the world:

  • "pleased to recommend..."
    Team Leader, Algeria

    Kastle Offshore is a professional financial advisory company whom has positive plans towards future. My advisor, Martin has clear objectives and has provided good results to my financial plan. I am so glad to know Martin and I am very pleased to recommend him to other professional colleagues.

  • "excellent results..."
    Drilling Superintendent , Libya

    I first met Martin in Tripoli, Libya where he assisted me with my financial planning which has since provided excellent results. Martin is a professional financial advisor who provides regular financial reviews on my portfolio, and always makes himself available to answer any questions I may have. I look forward to continuing my working relationship with Martin and I am happy to recommend him to any professional colleagues.

  • "...professionalism"
    Manager, Qatar

    I was stationed in Papua New Guinea when I was first introduced to Kastle Offshore. Knowing that I wanted to make a financial commitment and plan but unsure of exactly what direction to take, Martin explained to me the various options that I had and avenues I could take. Martin's professionalism, patience and direction has made us feel very comfortable in our commitment to Kastle Offshore.