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Beat the Banks with our currency exchange service

An essential tool for any expatriate living abroad

We can help you exchange currency and transfer money internationally. We use our foreign exchange partners, Moneycorp, for their expertise to help you transfer at the best time to get the best exchange rates, whether you are buying a property overseas or simply sending money home.

  • Bank-beating exchange rates

    Look at the spread between buying and selling common currencies at a Bureau de Change next time you pass through an airport? Moneycorp quote typical savings of over £5,000 on a transfer of £100,000 into euros compared to the leading high street banks.

  • How this can help you

    Buying or selling property abroad, paying mortgages/utility bills/ maintenance costs abroad, receiving your pension payments abroad, converting rental income back into your desired currency or transferring money to friends and family overseas.

  • Set up an Account

    Register for a free no-obligation account, using the ‘Open a FREE Account’ button below. You will be assigned your own personal currency dealer whom will secure the exchange rate at the best time over the phone or online.

Frequently asked questions

Established 1979, they have traded £22.6bn in currencies, with over 9.2m transactions last year, and are fully authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority for the provision of payment services.

Moneycorp have much more competitive exchange rates, they take No commission, No International transfer charges and have the ability to fix exchange rates over the phone and up to 2 years in advance.

We offer free information and guidance on the currency markets, helping you decide on the best time to buy or sell, plus you will have your own Account Manager at Moneycorp to assist you.

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    Geophysicist, Libya

    Kastle Offshore assisted me with my financial plan whilst I was working at Schlumberger in Libya. Martin is a professional and trust worthy financial advisor who provides me regular financial reviews on my investments. I am very happy with Martin’s service and continuing support of Kastle Offshore. I am more than happy to recommend Martin to any friends and professional colleagues.

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    Business Manager, Qatar

    I was introduced to Kastle Offshore from a friend who had been assisted by Martin in their financial planning. After receiving my financial plan, investment proposal and advice from Martin, I was more than confident in the service and advice provided, I gladly signed up for the investment with Martin and Kastle Offshore. Since making my investment, Martin has followed through on his promise, and has kept me regularly updated on my portfolio and the underlying investments. I am very happy with Martin's professional work ethic and I have no problem in recommending him to anyone who wishes to pursue bespoke financial & investment planning.

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    Team Leader, Algeria

    Kastle Offshore is a professional financial advisory company whom has positive plans towards future. My advisor, Martin has clear objectives and has provided good results to my financial plan. I am so glad to know Martin and I am very pleased to recommend him to other professional colleagues.