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Kastle Offshore was founded in 2010. Our team has a wide range of experience working closely with international clients on their wealth planning and asset protection arrangements. Originally Kastle Offshore was mainly operating in Tripoli, Libya working within the large Oil and Gas Sector, however since March 2011, we have become completely international in our approach and reach. Kastle Offshore has close connections with the Isle of Man, Malta and Monaco and is committed to the highest level of ethics and services.


  • Isle of Man
    Isle of Man

    When it comes to Banking and Investments we tend to favour the Isle of Man above all others. That is not just because our Founder is from the Isle of Man, which is an advantage, but because the system within the Island has been so well put together over the past 30 plus years. The Island has proved itself to be the world leading offshore jurisdiction and is fully compliant with the OECD.

  • Monaco

    A unique place known best for its lifestyle of the Rich and Famous, Grand Prix, Casinos and Super Yachts, Monaco is also a serious financial hub for the worlds wealthy and the financially savvy. With a growing financial sector and increased regulation, Monaco offers an extremely attractive and safe place to invest, bank, grow and protect your wealth.

  • Malta

    Since joining the EU back in 2004, Malta has become a very attractive location for Trusts and money management. With a pro-business government and an increasing influx of international companies setting up in the country, Malta has become one of the worlds leading locations for finance. One of Malta’s advantages, particularly in areas such as QROPS, is the large number of Double Taxation Agreements, currently over 70, that Malta has with other jurisdictions.

Giving back to the community

Kastle Offshore understands the importance of giving back, that’s why we have created our own Sponsorship Program, assisting individuals in sport in the Isle of Man. From Athletics to Golf and to Motorbike racing, Kastle Offshore has been a key supporter and we intend to grow our Sponsorship Program even more over the coming years.

Trusted by expatriates and internationals around the world:

  • "...professionalism"
    Manager, Qatar

    I was stationed in Papua New Guinea when I was first introduced to Kastle Offshore. Knowing that I wanted to make a financial commitment and plan but unsure of exactly what direction to take, Martin explained to me the various options that I had and avenues I could take. Martin's professionalism, patience and direction has made us feel very comfortable in our commitment to Kastle Offshore.

  • "pleased to recommend..."
    Team Leader, Algeria

    Kastle Offshore is a professional financial advisory company whom has positive plans towards future. My advisor, Martin has clear objectives and has provided good results to my financial plan. I am so glad to know Martin and I am very pleased to recommend him to other professional colleagues.

  • "I gladly signed up..."
    Business Manager, Qatar

    I was introduced to Kastle Offshore from a friend who had been assisted by Martin in their financial planning. After receiving my financial plan, investment proposal and advice from Martin, I was more than confident in the service and advice provided, I gladly signed up for the investment with Martin and Kastle Offshore. Since making my investment, Martin has followed through on his promise, and has kept me regularly updated on my portfolio and the underlying investments. I am very happy with Martin's professional work ethic and I have no problem in recommending him to anyone who wishes to pursue bespoke financial & investment planning.