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Experienced Financial Advisors specializing in providing independent financial advice to expatriates living and working around the world, since 2010.

Providing financial advice to expats around the world

We provide a face to face service as well as an internet and telephone service, which enables us to reach clients all around the world, living and working outside the world’s financial centres, and those who do not have regular access to financial advice due to their geographic location.

How we help

Committed to your financial security

Kastle Offshore is a team of consultants and coordinators that operate in a large number of countries specialising in providing clients with financial advice and cost effective saving and investment solutions.

About Kastle Offshore

Trusted by expatriates and internationals around the world:

  • "trust worthy..."
    Geophysicist, Libya

    Kastle Offshore assisted me with my financial plan whilst I was working at Schlumberger in Libya. Martin is a professional and trust worthy financial advisor who provides me regular financial reviews on my investments. I am very happy with Martin’s service and continuing support of Kastle Offshore. I am more than happy to recommend Martin to any friends and professional colleagues.

  • "...professionalism"
    Manager, Qatar

    I was stationed in Papua New Guinea when I was first introduced to Kastle Offshore. Knowing that I wanted to make a financial commitment and plan but unsure of exactly what direction to take, Martin explained to me the various options that I had and avenues I could take. Martin's professionalism, patience and direction has made us feel very comfortable in our commitment to Kastle Offshore.

  • "pleased to recommend..."
    Team Leader, Algeria

    Kastle Offshore is a professional financial advisory company whom has positive plans towards future. My advisor, Martin has clear objectives and has provided good results to my financial plan. I am so glad to know Martin and I am very pleased to recommend him to other professional colleagues.